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A Challenging Road.

The Toyota Dealer Association is a complex client in that we served three different bodies at national (TCI), regional (Atlantic Regional Office) and local levels (individual dealers), while remaining directly accountable to a Board of Directors. Prime was tasked with developing five major campaigns focused on driving vehicle sales (retail-driven), with each campaign carefully managed to very strict timelines and budgets, and with no latitude for extensions or overruns. Each campaign had to align and support the overall Toyota brand while being flexible enough to facilitate geographic target market customization as well as cultural language differences between French and English.

Driving it Home.

Making Toyota stand out amongst the competition was our challenge, but Toyota’s own “Kaizan” philosophy (the concept of continuous improvement) inspired us. We defied the conventional industry approach of “Run of Press” newspaper ads, featuring a more dynamic message delivered through different media choices. We developed improvements in Toyota’s marketing mix, including TV partnerships, Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) in newspapers and interactive digital promotions. We also challenged the practice of straightforward French translation of English ads to satisfy the French market and incorporated French cultural expertise at the initial strategy and concept stages.

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