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Donovan Homes

25th Anniversary Campaign

So Much to Build On.

For a quarter-century, Donovan Homes has been a power player in the local home builders’ market. Now, with a 25 year milestone approaching, this well-established brand needed an anniversary promotion highlighting a past defined by solid builds and satisfied homeowners, while at the same time positioning Donovan Homes as the modern, smart choice for today’s prospective home buyer.

Let’s Take it Home

Prime dove into Donovan Homes’ history and created a campaign that focused on the untold amounts of materials Donovan Homes has utilized over the years  – from nails to insulation – and repurposed those numbers to illustrate Donovan Homes’ accomplishments. The Taking You Home For 25 Years campaign celebrates the uncountable human accomplishments too – 25 years of homecomings, celebrations, family dinners, first steps, and everything else that makes a house a home, with billboards, radio, TV, digital messaging and a clever social media campaign as the foundation.

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