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Munn Insurance

Brand Awareness Campaign

Prime Creative | Munn Insurance Campaign

Promises Made.

The unmatched insurance experience you get with Munn is nothing new to customers in Newfoundland and Labrador. But now, the long-standing family-owned broker was opening their first office off the rock, in Nova Scotia. Back to being a new kid on the block, Munn turned to Prime Creative to prepare their introduction to this lucrative new market. Munn needed to introduce itself to Nova Scotia in a way that translated the company’s brand, and the true value of having a policy with this new player in the market.

Prime Creative | Munn Insurance Campaign

Promises Kept.

Prime crafted a vibrant campaign to introduce Nova Scotians to Munn Insurance, utilizing billboards in high traffic areas of Halifax, along with targeted Google and search display ads, and social media ads. Headlines hinged on savings and service – the pillars of Munn Insurance’s value proposition. With a dedicated landing page and direct mail piece to reinforce Munn’s philosophy of caring and providing the best possible value and savings, Munn’s entrance into the Nova Scotia market was a successful one.

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