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2017 Nine Locks Brewing Company Marketing

Nine Locks Brewing Company

Three to four seconds. That’s all you have to capture someone’s attention and leave a lasting impression when it comes to Out of Home billboard executions. Luckily for us we have a client that’s willing to push their creative a little further with provocative, chuckle-inducing, clever outdoor boards.

Nine Locks Brewing Company

As a new entrant into the highly competitive craft beer market, Nine Locks Brewing Company in Dartmouth, NS wanted to carve out a unique identity that differentiated the brand. Prime Creative worked closely with the owners to capture their personal vision for the Nine Locks brand – one that embodies their own spirit for all things outdoors. Print ads featuring iconic outdoor images with smart, simple headlines and copy were developed for NSLC’s Occasions magazine, along with the “Live life on the outside” tag line, and they have now established the look and feel of all Nine Locks brand communication going forward.

Nine Locks Brewing Company Work