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Prime Creative | The Gathering Place Campaign

The Need is Real.

The Gathering Place is a St. John’s community health centre that provides food, clothing, medical and dental help, and counselling services to vulnerable individuals. The Gathering Place relies on donations from the community and, with another Newfoundland winter setting in in 2019, the need was greater than ever. This place of kindness and generosity needed a far-reaching awareness campaign to stress the need for donations and the importance of the facility to the community.

Prime Creative | The Gathering Place Campaign

From the Heart, to Hearts Everywhere.

Prime created an awareness campaign that put poignant images of people in need front and centre, showing them in the world in which they live – the streets.  Alone, lonely, cold, and hungry were the dominant images used. The campaign was filmed and photographed around St. John’s to reinforce the presence of people in need among us. TV, radio, print, YouTube, billboards, and public transit spaces were all used to translate the message “More Than Ever, Kindness Wanted.” The campaign was touted for its realistic portrayal of poverty and homelessness. The result was a surge of generous donations to The Gathering Place, with its brand and mission solidified in the minds of viewers.

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