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newfoundland and labrador hydro


There’s a lot happening at NL Hydro, and Prime’s been happy to get the word out. Prime has been an integral part of extensive EV focused work for NL Hydro including EV/Charger Rebate digital and social campaigns and tradeshow materials, promotions of Hydro’s ever-expanding provincial EV charger network, and progressive and interactive updates to EV focused website sections. NL Hydro has been doing great work and Prime is happily along for the ride, recently executing a rebrand for NL Hydro’s Community giving programs including naming, logo, social media, and webpage build for the newly coined Energy from the Heart Program.

For NL Hydro, internal communications and perceptions are equally as important as external. Prime worked closely with NL Hydro to execute a brand refresh with new logo/color scheme, brand platform, and countless communications assets to support this work. We’ve also completed concept/photography work for Hydro’s Internal Injury Prevention Campaign. We get to know a brand inside and out before starting any project, and our work for NL Hydro (as we help them pave the way for a greener future) reflects that dedication.


  • Creative Concepting
  • Branding
  • Brand Positioning
  • WordPress Development
  • Photography
  • Digital Media
  • Tradeshow Materials
  • Writing
  • Social Media Development


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