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What drives us to do more? Ask anyone on our team and they’ll say it’s genuine connections. The kind our partnerships create. It’s really no surprise when a Prime client becomes a decades-long friend and collaborator, because for over 35 years we’ve been producing refreshing client experiences rooted in mutual respect and desired results. Come see us, and see why brands stick with us. 


From non-profits to bakeries to energy corporations, we dig deep to find solutions, build brands, and help businesses grow in the most creative ways possible.


We’re a creative collective with one objective – to deliver exceptional results! Partnering with us ensures you’ll have every big agency resource at your side plus a level of client service normally found at a smaller agency. It’s a best of both worlds approach that works!

Strategic Planning

Sound marketing depends heavily on bridging gaps, learning why those gaps exist, and how to address them both strategically and creatively. At Prime, we’re proud of the process that has served our clients beyond expectation.


We are experts in developing the elements our clients need to create strong and effective brand stories – such as logos, visual identities, brand standards, and consistent marketing communications. We work with clients every step of the way to ensure visions become reality.


Our websites wow. And boy do they work. We build the functional, informative, and inspiring web presence you need to get noticed. Go for ground-up website design, hosting, content creation and implementation or simply revamp your current site with a complete website redevelopment and maintenance package.

Digital Advertising

Sustainable digital growth calls for deep attention to details. As a full-service agency known for results-orientated, eye-catching, strategically driven messaging, we combine creativity and market metrics to match your product or service with your audience.

Video Production

Storyboard to final-cut video development is one of our specialties. Tailored for all platforms and devices. It starts with strategy, exploring your market and niche, then creating the video content that works for you. Because we’re creative filmmakers and strategic thinkers too.


We never underestimate the selling power of a professionally designed piece that stands out from the crowd. From infographics and custom illustrations to signage and brand packaging, Prime has multiple in-house experts who have spent years understanding and developing visually stunning marketing materials.


Engaging, memorable content is at the forefront of what we do. Whether you need relevant social content, corporate writing, or insightfully crafted copy for your website, our team can develop the words that will attract the right audience and generate meaningful results.

Social media development / management

We help you harness one of the most powerful marketing tools there is – social media. The result is a real connection with your audience and target markets. For us, social media will always be about real conversations with consumers. And real results.


Who are we? We’re creators, dreamers, strategizers, and storytellers who produce tailored, impactful solutions that connect clients to audiences. We approach each project (regardless of size) with hard work, strategic direction, and creative thinking with measurable success at the forefront. Always.

We are a team made up of seasoned creatives, eager and talented rookies, and hot shots in their “Prime”. We live the work we do and invest in every client. We’ve consistently gained our clients’ trust through collaboration, chemistry, respect, and dedication and we never forget our mission – to help clients tell engaging, effective stories of their own.

  • Angela Sullivan

    Vice President

    Angela Sullivan

    Vice President

    Angela began her marketing career trajectory at 23 and felt an immediate connection to the industry. In just a few short years at her first agency, she had the privilege to mentor directly with the leadership team, learning very early on the indisputable value of strategy-first. She continued her education at the same time, building an enviable hands-on as well as academic foundation for a career in marketing and communications. After 20+ years in the industry, her passion for marketing that begins with strategy and develops into creativity with purpose is contagious, and she’s applied that same enthusiasm to her client relationships, her operation of Prime Creative, and her proactive leadership style.

    Angela’s a strong believer that collaboration is key, most especially at a boutique agency such as Prime. And she recognizes the indispensable worth of creative talent, assembling an exceptional team that brings value and unique skills, along with an essential knack for working together. Whether collaborating on new brand development, or brainstorming strategies with an established business for national expansion, Angela’s deep experience is as broad as her intuition; a natural result of a career working with clients from a broad scope of sectors across Newfoundland and Labrador, and beyond.

    o. 709.753.1121  c. 709.690.5500

  • Katrina O’Keefe

    Account Director

    Katrina O’Keefe

    Account Director

    Katrina is the key point of contact for our clients, and she keeps our team on task and on target. Southern Shore born and bred; you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s easier to talk to. She works to understand your brand and goals and listens close enough to hear what you’re not saying. She’s a stickler for results and natural when it comes to genuine human connections. Dedicated and detail-oriented to the core, Katrina believes the best days at Prime occur when clients are heard, seen, and happy.

    o. 709.753.0112  c. 709.743.4187

  • Dawn Wareham

    Creative Director

    Dawn Wareham

    Creative Director

    Dawn has been bringing brands to life since 2005(ish). With a keen sense for what inspires and motivates an audience, she is constantly developing new ways to translate our clients’ needs into beautifully crafted, creative campaigns that deliver meaningful results. With vast experience in art direction and a knack for marrying the written word with knock-out visual appeal, Dawn’s conceptual talents are an essential asset for Prime and our clients.

    o. 709.753.4459

  • Ralph O’Brien

    Senior Copywriter

    Ralph O’Brien

    Senior Copywriter

    Ralph is the product of a long love affair between the written word and the world of advertising. As a child he created jingles and performed them around the house. Today, he brings that same passion for words (and their impact) to each project that hits his desk. With budding creativity, a pop culture addiction, and dedication to doing the best for each client, Ralph has become an invaluable member of our team.

  • Tracy Durnford

    Senior Art Director

    Tracy Durnford

    Senior Art Director

    With an impressive portfolio three decades in the making, it’s no mystery as to why Tracy is known for next-level designs that impress. From digital to website design, to deliverables including TV/Video, mailings, brochures, posters, photoshoots, POS, flyers and other collateral materials, Tracy has built up an impressive list of creative campaign assets for clients. A key team member with a laser-sharp eye for detail, Tracy’s all about high-quality output based on our clients’ specifications and requirements.

  • Emily Lyver

    Content Writer

    Emily Lyver

    Content Writer

    Whether she’s crafting radio scripts, following social media trends, or breathing life into a website, Emily is passionate about writing the unique, powerful copy our clients need to hit the right note, resonate with the right audience, and leave a lasting impression. Emily studied Journalism at College of the North Atlantic before finding her natural niche in copywriting. We think journalism’s loss is our gain – and our clients’ too.

  • Bethany Greeley

    Graphic Designer

    Bethany Greeley

    Graphic Designer

    With a natural artistic flair, Bethany’s graphic design experience spans both print and digital media, executing and creating designs with appeal and purpose for all manner of projects and clients. A born visual communicator, Bethany works closely with the team to produce expertly designed deliverables that reflect our clients’ brand cultures and goals. Focused, flexible, and more than familiar with the latest designs trends, Bethany is a total team player and a valued member of Prime.

  • Prime Roster

    Multiple industries, stellar results, and amazing client relationships. To say we’ve been lucky to work with these businesses and organizations would be an understatement.