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Prime Creative | Harvey's Home Heating Campaign

The Right Pitch.

With a fixed number of people in their market, the home heating industry generates new business largely by getting consumers to switch from the competition. Harvey’s Home Heating needed a way to differentiate itself from its competitors, with value propositions that made Harvey’s the obvious choice for consumers who wanted a better overall service and savings experience from their current home heat provider.

Prime Creative | Harvey's Home Heating Campaign
Prime Creative | Harvey's Home Heating Campaign

The Obvious Switch.

Prime created a switch campaign with customer-focused appeal and undeniable brand benefits. The campaign focused on service features exclusive to Harvey’s, making them the obvious choice for switchers. Using Harvey’s unmatched Furnace Freedom service contract details as the linchpin, the campaign solidified Harvey’s exclusivity with statements including “Better Than a Warranty” and “Never Pay to Repair or Replace Your Furnace Again.” Google and Facebook ads reinforced the exclusivity of Harvey’s offering and prompted consumers to call and/or visit a dedicated landing page listing all the reasons to switch.

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